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Photo collage of watermelon tasting, tractor, dry beans

Small-scale Thresher

To make a bean thresher for WSU’s bean project, we modified a chipper-mulcher, as designed by Allen Dong and Roger Edberg, I-Tech, PO Box 413, Veneta OR 97487. Figures 4–7 show our thresher and include motor specifications that we have used.

Photo of a thresher made from a converted chipper-mulcher
Figure 4. Thresher made from a converted chipper-mulcher.

Photo of a thresher hammers bolted together
Figure 5. Thresher hammers are bolted together so that they beat plant material but do not shred or grind it.

Photo of a mesh-covered exit port on thresher
Figure 6. Mesh keeps the plant material within the thresher until it is small enough to pass through. Smaller mesh would result in more finely chopped material while larger mesh would result in larger chopped plant material.

Photo of a motor used to operate thresher
Figure 7. The motor (1.5 HP) used to operate the thresher needs to have its own cooling fan.

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