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Biodegradable Mulches for Specialty Crops Produced under Protective Covers

Project Reference Number: 2009-02484

CSREES Award Notification Number: 2009-51181-05897

Project objectives:

  1. Network with national leaders in BDM materials to achieve state of the art knowledge, based on how to evaluate BDMs in protective crop culture systems, especially in regards to their ability to fully biodegrade.
  2. Improve research-based information on growing fruits and vegetables under protective covers in three underserved areas (Pacific Northwest, Mid-South, Southeast) of the U.S. with climatic extremes to enhance production and profitability, food and environmental security, and mitigate pest/disease threats.
  3. Obtain baseline socio-economic data for measuring and communicating short-term, intermediate and long-term outcomes and impacts of the project’s accomplishments.

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This website is designed for project team members to share information, archive literature and project publications/outputs, and access project documentation as needed. This website is not intended for public distribution. If you have questions about the information on the site, please contact Debra Inglis, Project Director.

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