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Blanching Edamame for Freezing

Carol Miles and Amanda Johnson

Blanching edamame, or other vegetables, before freezing stops the plant's natural enzymes from continuing the ripening process. If edamame are placed in the freezer without blanching, they will spoil faster.

  1. Bring water to a boil in a large pot or wok.
  2. Place edamame in a cooking basket or metal colander and immerse in the boiling water.
    Photo of edamame in cooking basket
    Photo of edamame being immersed in boiling water
  3. Cook for five minutes – time begins as soon as the edamame are completely immersed; do not wait until the water begins to boil again.
    Photo of edamame cooking
  4. Take edamame out of the water, shake the water out of the basket or colander, and spread edamame on a towel to dry. Pat dry if necessary to remove all the water. Drying should be done quickly, within a minute. Drying the edamame prior to freezing will keep the pods from sticking together once they are frozen.
    Photo of edamame being removed from boiling waterPhoto of edamame spread on towel
  5. Place edamame in a freezer bag, and place immediately in the freezer.
    Photo of person putting edamame in freezer bagPhoto of person putting bagged edamame into freezer
  6. When you remove frozen pods from the bag for cooking, it will be easy to take out the exact amount you require each time.
    Photo  of frozen edamame show how pods do not stick together

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