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Harvested bamboo shoots at different sizesBamboo is a member of the grass family. Bamboo shoots are young, new canes that are harvested for food before they are two weeks old or one-foot tall. Bamboo shoots are crisp and tender, comparable to asparagus, with a flavor similar to corn. They are used frequently in Asian cuisine. Commercially canned bamboo shoots are common, but fresh, locally grown bamboo has far better flavor and texture.


Farming Bamboo book cover page
 Farming Bamboo

Farming Bamboo. By Daphne Lewis and Carol Miles. Lulu Press. 2007. 240 pages.

Overview of how to establish, maintain, harvest and market bamboo on a farm scale. Information on plant sources, how to select and prepare a planting site, plant nutrition, irrigation, and pest management is also included. Also includes successful production of poles and shoots. Methods for controlling bamboo to prevent spread of one planting into another area also discussed. This book is available for sale from several sources.


Research Report

This is a study from 1997 through 2000 and 2002 at our on-farm research site in Tenino, Washington for different bamboo varieties.

Marketing and Use

This brochure explains usage, nutritive values, store and recipies of bamboo.

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