Leafy Greens


Ten leafy greens varieties

Baby-leaf salad greens are a popular crop and have the potential to be a viable source of income for small-scale direct-market farmers during the spring and fall seasons. Today, salad mixes include a mix of six to eight baby-leaf greens that are flavorful, nutritious, and visually interesting. As a result, baby-leaf salad is increasingly popular among consumers who desire to eat healthy, convenient food, while head lettuce consumption has decreased.

Video: Introduction to Leafy Greens

By Chris Benedict, Regional Extension Specialist, Washington State University Extension, and Tom Thornton, Cloud Mountain Farm Center.

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This publication discusses the selection, growing, harvesting, and processing of baby-leaf greens.

This is a summery of all we learned from the project regarding baby-leaf salad production into our new production guide.

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