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In addition to many of the following publications there are Microsoft Excel spreadsheet versions of the enterprise budgets available for use as worksheets. Links to these are included in the Fact Sheets. In case difficulty is encountered, to download a worksheet, right-click (or command-click for MAC) the link to the Excel file and choose “Save Link/Target As…” to save the Excel file to your computer.

More Crop Enterprise Budgets (PDFs and Excel files) for a variety of crops are available on the  WSU School of Economic Sciences website.

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  • Farming Bamboo. By Daphne Lewis and Carol Miles. Lulu Press. 2007. 240 pages. Overview of how to establish, maintain, harvest and market bamboo on a farm scale, including thinning and renovating a grove to maximize bamboo pole and shoot production. Information on plant sources, how to select and prepare a planting site, plant nutrition, irrigation, and pest management is also included. Also includes an encyclopedia of bamboo species that are most likely to be successful for production of poles and shoots. Methods for controlling bamboo to prevent spread of one planting into another area also discussed. This book is available for sale from several sources.
  • Making the Conversion to Sustainable Agroecosystems: Principles, Processes, and Practices. Chapter: Pacific Northwest USA. Chapter authors: Miles, C., D. Granatstein, D. Huggins, S. Jones, and J. Myers. Book editors: Stephen R. Gliessman, Martha Rosemeyer, and Sean Swezey. CRC Press Advances in Agroecology Series. 2009.

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