Dry Beans, Niche Market


Niche market dry bean varieties are gaining in popularity among small-scale growers because they are relatively easy to produce, harvest  store, and are a healthy food choice.

Dry bean


Commercial Dry Bean Production in Western Washington State

This Publication provides planting guidelines, common disease  and insect pests in western Washington, and harvest and storage tips.

Commercial Dry Beans

Growing Dry Beans in the Home Garden

This publication provides planting guidelines, common disease  and insect pests in Washington, and harvest and storage tips.

growing dry bean in the home garden

School Garden Education

We have developed a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-based curriculum for 4th graders that follow the Next Generation Science Standards.

Small-scale Dry Bean Post-Harvest

To provide small-scale growers with cost effective and scale-appropriate technologies , our program uses small-scale technologies to dry, thresh and clean dry beans.

Research Reports

Niche Market Dry Bean Variety Trial

Dry bean variety trials at WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Center have shown that dozens of bean varieties can be successfully grown in western Washington. These reports include our variety trial research findings.

Dry Bean Varieties for Niche Markets in the USA

Marketing and Use

This brochure provides nutrition, cooking, serving and storage information for the home consumer.

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